“Hajdú-Bihar” periodical, Sunday Diary, 6 August 2006, Sunday
Author: Adrienn Hassó

The artist of spiritual paintings has eight talented children.

Four sons and four daughters, more than sixty individual exhibitions, several shared exhibitions — this is what we can attribute to the artist during his career of more than a quarter-century, an artist who moved from Nyírmihálydi to Debrecen. The next periodical exhibition of David Beeri, representing a unique style, the spiritual art of painting, can be visited from 18 August in the Mysticism Gallery.

David Beeri with his family

“Father, mother, kids together, with all their hearts loving each other” (free translation of a Hungarian animated cartoon, The Mézga Family’s theme song). In their welcoming, friendly home, the piano and the viola share one room, just like the trumpet and the saxophone; the children of the artist could even form a family orchestra, as with one exception, the youngest girl, Lídia, all of them (Szilvia, Dániel, Sarolta, Barnabás, Benjamin, Debóra and Jonatán) are studying classical music. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, however, as at the very beginning of his career — as David Beeri recalls it while listening to the tunes of pleasant chords creeping into his study — he was also a talented violinist, but decided to choose painting as his future career instead. He was using his original name (Károly Pongor Beri) at that time, and was looking at the world with a different perspective; as a result, his paintings represented a different world, with different meaning and with a different usage of colors. Earlier mainly the dark tones dominated in his works of art, often being of some demonic topics, while today his works represent simplified tracing of lines, exciting, sensational colors with an overflowing inner light.

The great realist, Manet claimed that “light has the main role in a painting”. His statement could well be justified with the works of Beeri, but in Beeri’s case the explanation for the things is hidden in deeper structures than that. This mystical light is, in his belief, nothing else than the light of the world, of God, who can be traced back in any of us. This way, in his works it is usually the background which creates the motives. The big change in his life took place in 1984, when during painting he could feel that he was given some divine statements, instructions. At this time he turned to the faith, as he says, was reborn and was admitted to enter the world of spirituality.

His flower reminds us of the sunflower.

He believes that painting can only develop itself towards this direction, overstepping the limits of three-dimension-depiction. Therefore he intends, besides merging different styles of fine art, like naive, realist, surrealist, cubist, each at a different extent, to open the gate between the visible reality and the spiritual universe. His name was changed due to a divine inspiration ten years ago (Beeri means ‘the well of God’, while David means ‘the favourite of God’); since then he has been more relaxed and balanced as he could find his own self.

The Mysticism Gallery housing his permanent exhibition (which is to be found in the shopping complex at the beginning of Bethlen street, renovated not long ago) is going to open a new, periodical exhibition of the works of David Beeri on 18 August at 6 p.m. The collection comprises at least forty oil paintings and acrylic paintings, mainly representing a cavalcade of fantasy flowers.

Adrienn Hassó, 2006

David Beeri’s family in 2014:


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