Album of David Beeri’s paintings, Mysticism Gallery, 2005
Author: Dr. Ferenc Vitéz

Get to know David Beeri

David Beeri

David Beeri was born in Nyírbéltek in 1951. He attended primary school in Nyírmihálydi. For a short time he was studying in the building industry, then he became a student at the music school of Nyíregyháza, at the faculty for violin. Later he was working as an industrial worker in Budapest as well as other cities of the countryside, for several years he was working as a tailor in Debrecen. He started painting in 1975. In his professional preparation he was aided by some excellent masters like Károly Bodó and László Szabó. He was a member of the János Mata Club in Debrecen, the Ferenc Medgyessy Fine Arts Studio, the Studio for Art Teachers in Nyírbátor, and also took part in the works of the art schools of Zebegény, Tokaj and Tállya.

His talent, professionalism and consistency were already acknowledged nationwide in 1979. From 1981 significant galleries organized independent exhibitions for him. From 1982 he became a professional artist. Due to his unique artistic viewpoint, however, his recognition was hindered by the constant political oppression, until his artistic and social life became completely impossible to pursue.   David Beeri and his family moved to West-Germany in 1987, while following the change of the regime he moved back to Hungary — together with his continually expanding family. Currently they live in Debrecen, where a permanent exhibition of his works was opened in the Mysticism Gallery in order to propagate his works of art. His wife is a teacher. Seven out of their eight children have already set their feet on a career of classical music.

 Dr. Ferenc Vitéz, 2005


Jesika · August 11, 2017 at 3:58 pm

Hi! I love you article! TNK!!!

    Debora Beeri · October 8, 2017 at 11:17 pm

    Hi Jesika, Thank you very much for your comment. Dr. Vitez Ferenc Hungarian art historian wrote this article in 2005, since then there are several updates of course, one of which is that David Beeri moved to the United States in August 2017, and we hope that he will get the artist visa to stay here, because in Europe there was nothing else for him, but persecution in every way.

    Since the article mentions about David’s children, please let me share a few videos with you, where his son Benjamin and his daughter Sylvia sing opera. I would feel very grateful if you would listen to them.

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