Graphic Booklets ’97/7, Budapest, 1997
Author: Endre Bíró

David Beeri’s world of graphics


A strange world, a walk of life full of messages and experiences, an unrestrainable personality without limits are what characterize him – David Beeri. His graphics represent — besides astonishment — a vast cavalcade of emotions. He does not follow any tendencies; he remains himself by representing his own self through his works of art.  Among other things, he makes his unique world outstanding by representing and depicting Don Quixote. His thoughts on this are as follows:

   “It is like seeing an unworldly scene, in which a lonely heavenly body becomes slowly visible, surrounded by streams of light and shade with expecting dignity; while on the vibrating horizon of the heavenly body a strange head appears to creep in, having the body of humans and the soul of a distorted vision, which — turning its unworldly eyes towards me — asks me for a commiserating attention”.

Don Quixote’s Metamorphosis

He also has his battles, like those of Don Quixote, with the torments of daily life, with the cold-heartedness of society. He has his feet on the ground, although he wants to fly high without any constraints. Our surroundings are represented on his graphics and paintings. He depicts the man of today’s world (in the series of 20th Century Human Faces) in their pure reality and rigidity, in madness and love, in a demonic and charming beauty, deformed by torture and hatred. These faces represent us, without us wanting to recognize this mirror and turning our head instead into another direction. David Beeri forces everyone to discover the paradox diversity of our world.

By having a look at any of his works, either Don Quixote or the 20th Century Human Faces, we are staggered to see that these things surround us, without us having paid enough attention to them previously. He warns us not to forget about beauty, harmony, peace, happiness and of course about all-conquering love, when living our everyday lives. 

Endre Bíró, 1997
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