David Beeri is a sixty-four-year-old artist of Hungarian origin with a thoroughly cosmopolitan heart. He has been painting since 1975 and has had over seventy individual as well as numerous group exhibitions in Hungary, Western and Eastern European countries, the U.S., Japan, Israel, Canada and China.

David Beeri is a natural colorist. His colors are so unique that his works can be recognized among a thousand. The same applies to the light emanating from the background of his paintings. His technique is absolutely incredible. At first glance, one would be tempted to think that it is impossible to paint such transitions of light and color by hand and with a brush, but the works of the artist prove that for him it is possible. One is equally flabbergasted at his lines. So far, David Beeri has been the only one to show such an extent of accuracy and emotional richness. According to his critics, “David Beeri is the painter of pure thoughts and emotions.” That is right! These lines are not the mere flashes of a bold skillfulness but rather represent the harmonic outflow of a pure spirit and emotion – telling us about a dream beyond time and calling our souls to the heights of immortal picturesque beauty.

In March 2016, the artist left Hungary for good and settled in Bochum, Germany, where he lives at present with one of his daughters, Debóra, who is earning her master’s in Chemistry at the university.