Album of David Beeri’s paintings, Mysticism Gallery, 2005
Author: Dr. Ferenc Vitéz

Irradiation of the Spiritual Light

An Introduction to the Paintings of David Beeri

Simplicity and goodness. Honesty and directness. Self-awareness and humility. Verity. Hope. The light of love and peace. These words could also well describe the art of David Beeri. I was, however, sitting in his studio and thinking about how his paintings express the dramatic clash for me, and about where the conflictual power of these works comes from.

His paintings are based on ancient, deep, archaic, and instinctive knowledge, and at the same time on the expression of the irradiation of a superior spiritual light. The instinctive and intellectual fields meet in the paintings of Beeri; being the ancient and the divine. The darkness and the night meet the light and the eternal brightness.

In the eyes of female creatures we can both observe fear and hope, the pain of passing away and the miracle of impregnation, the holiness of birth. In his inner, visional landscapes the transcendent, mystical light paths are built on a magical realistic composition: they objectify the reality of imagination. The tension between instinctive and intellectual when meeting each other can be experienced in the metaphoric flowers of Beeri. Hidden by the flowers we can recognize the archaic picture of motherhood and a spiritual light.

The artist has created a unique, new universe of painting. In case we want to identify this romantic novelty with expressions known from art history or aesthetics, however, only the portraits or the expressive symbolism in case of some fictional, inner sceneries, while in other places the grotesque viewpoints or the lyric surrealism, as well as the already mentioned magical realism come to our minds…It is worth paying special attention to the grotesque way of portrayal. These works reflect archaic human fears, at the same time referring to the deep-hidden playfulness which often balances the rigidity of the compositions.

The art critics often highlight that David Beeri is a master of synthetizing different styles, and renders the conclusion on the reminiscence of styles powerful in a unique, personal tone. In his art he mixes the greatest traditions of cubist, naive, realist, and surrealist arts.

David Beeri himself could find the expression spiritual impressionism, which could well reflect that unitedness in the diversity, the illustrious traditions which we can recognize on his works of art. As light, the shades of colors gained significant role in the plein-air painting style of classical impressionism; the chromatic relations visible in clear irradiation have often created the composition itself.  

In Light Face

Spiritual impressionism, however, could define the shades in which the irradiation of the spirit can be expressed, the relation between the artist and a superior existence. Shading itself is a novelty in his case. The source of light is the background itself, while the work of art emerges from it. Light, that is, spiritual light embraces the whole work of art. It is a must, he says, that all motives are embraced with a light coming from the inside. His paintings own some inner light.

Whatever is that David Beeri depicts, intending by means of his synthetizing talent to express the original instinct as perfectly as possible, everything is in harmony in his display of differing themes and motives, all originating from a common spiritual root. He often tells the followings:

„The Bible says that the kingdom of God does not come in a visible way, it is within you.” He declares at another time, that if someone intends to enter this kingdom, they need to rebirth.

„This rebirth provided me with the key, opening the door to the spiritual world. I am able to open this gate now. Hence art has already reached the final boundaries of three dimensions. The further path leads into the world of spirituality”.  

By his paintings, David Beeri also wants to give us a key to this spiritual transubstantiation. He spiritualizes the physical, visible world, and in order this, in a paradox way, he also needs to use material, physical, nonspiritual tools.  His works of art, however, do work this way.

Secrets are waiting for being revealed. Shining. 


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