Point of View, Vol. III. – April – May 2008
Author: Dr. Ferenc Vitéz

“Familienbande” (Family-Ties), about David Beeri and his family

“I am pleased to have a successful concert this evening, and I am very happy that my children do not have to experience those things what I had to.” – This sentence, complemented with Barnabás Beeri’s virtuous piano play close the documentary film, Familienbande, representing the painter, David Beeri and his family, made by Helge Lindau for the ZDF  German television channel.

Vision of Flowers

The first public showing of the documentary was on 14th March in Debrecen in the Mysticism Gallery, hosting a permanent exhibition of David Beeri. Helge Lindau, the producer and director of the documentary also attended the ceremony, where David Beeri presented his newest paintings before going on an American art and exhibition tour at the end of March, while the Beeri children made a music performance.

“Three types of blood are in my veins: Hungarian, Jewish, and Gipsy. My mother was Hungarian; my father was Jewish, and the child of Gipsy and Hungarian parents. (…) I was embarrassed by being a Gipsy until I grew up. Later other identities started to evolve in me; my Jewish origin worked upon me, there was a time when I even wanted to move to Israel. (…) I have a strong Hungarian sense as well, although in abroad – for example in Germany where we had spent several years – I could never completely behave like a Hungarian. They called me Arabian, Turkish, Indian, and Jewish.

Don Quijote’s Lion

It was a long way from the years of poverty spent in Nyírmihálydi to independent exhibitions and to the fact that David Beeri now can live in a big, balanced, educated and peaceful family. All of his eight children learn music, Barnabás has concerts independently and the audience could already hear the other children playing the alto violin, the saxophone, and the trumpet. 

Flower Smile

Flower Swallows

The documentary of Helge Lindau pictures a day of the Beeri family – starting from the gallery and returning to the gallery. We recall the opening scenes: the painter is showing his new painting to László Majoros, who is talking about the perspective leading to completeness, the focus of the light as it calls us on our way towards the Golgotha hill, the light of the universe and about the following fact:

It does not matter from which perspective we watch it, the direction is obvious…


 Dr. Ferenc Vitéz, 2008
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