“Tipp” [English: Tip] magazine, 10 December 2005, Saturday

The master, being a father of eight children, standing in front of one of his works of art

Colors and eight children

There is nothing to say about the paintings of David Beeri: they must be seen!

There is no reason for hiding the truth; my only reason for visiting the gallery was that it is my job. After talking to David Beeri, however, and having seen his paintings, I have gained some experiences which mean an unforgettable gift for me now. I had to admit that I was not prepared for the impressions of it on me at all, but I will always be thankful for my fate to lead me to the Beeri-works.

He knew his fate

David Beeri was born in Nyírbéltek in 1951, and the question arises from this fact: where does his name seeming a foreign one come from? We receive the answer when the painter recalls his memories on his career; we get to know that Beeri was living and working in Germany for several years, and therefore he decided to take this artistic pseudonym. Before collecting his thoughts for the question of what name to write on the corner of his paintings, however, he had experienced a life path full of events. Interestingly, David could already know in his childhood that he had a talent for painting and for music, but for this the area of Nyírség, more precisely his hometown Nyírmihálydi could not provide sufficient possibilities; therefore, in 1975 he decided to move to Debrecen. The young talent, besides working in different factories as a tailor, started to paint in a methodical way, learned skills from Hungarian and internationally acknowledged masters, due to which he became a nationwide acknowledged painter by 1979. Beeri could climb upwards the career ladder, he could own several dozens of exhibitions, but in 1987, due to political reasons he left the country and lived and worked in Germany for more than two years, having been filled with hardships. Following the change of the regime, he and his family moved back to Hungary; four years ago he settled again in the “civil city”, where he now lives together with his wife and eight children.

Unique usage of colors

A work of art raising illusions

Affecting way of depicting people



David Beeri, as he states about himself, is constantly painting and has now reached a level, which is widely referred to as a new era of art, as it represents a unique style. His tendency in art (which is presumably to be called beerism) is a spiritual painting style. The harmony in his works has to be found and judged by everyone on their own. The artist admits, he feels exceptionally well when he is painting; and he also does not deny that his aim is to have this new tendency accepted in this profession. David Beeri is looking for the path for a worldwide recognition now, in which he also has some help — there is no need to worry about the continual of his path, as several of his eight children are talented young artists, not only gifted in painting but also in music.

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