David Beeri: Artist Statement


I will limit my artist statement to four principal aspects seeking the original, pure source of Art.



Throughout history, various concepts of freedom have vied for prominence. However, I am not talking of a concept here, but rather of the freedom that will set me free from my selfishness to make decisions that my conscience will freely approve. It is only within the framework of this freedom that I will be able to maintain the harmony of my emotional, mental and spiritual world.

As long as I live in freedom, I will not be clouded by selfishness, so I will be able to see clearly the whole context of the world of art and my place within that. In freedom, there is light, and this light will penetrate all ages – all the way back to primeval art – helping me to recognise the archaic order of art pointing to an exact process of developmental progression.

So by freedom I mean the unlimited distance to which my spirit can soar, where my emotions are unshackled by the unwritten rules of individual and societal selfishness, and where I am happy because I can create with my heart.



Years ago I had a dream that assigned a definitive course for my art. I was standing before huge and gorgeous paintings, and I heard a pleasant Voice which said: “Remain humble and keep moving forward in any circumstances. That way you may reach the immortal Beauty that your eyes now behold…”.

To this day, my art has shown an intense progression. As for the future, it is my fundamental task to achieve the ultimate refinement of my brushwork. I must create visual surfaces where brush traces are virtually invisible to the eye. This will achieve a new type of timeless spiritualization, etherealizing my pictures just like the ones I saw in my dream…



Light and color are essential to my art. Both are out of the ordinary, since the light is emanating from within, and the colors appear on my canvas from an existence beyond time. Therefore, the end result seems to be the revelation of a Life beyond the third dimension. This is further enhanced by the metamorphosis-like appearances of light and color transitions…



At the beginning of my artistic career, I considered content of utmost importance. I intended my pictures to be significant messages, to show the right way for the world. I felt big and important, and I enjoyed the glory. After a while, I realised that things were changing. My poster-like pictures were replaced by different paintings, and I began to relate to what art was really about. From that point on, painting became more and more exciting for me. Soon I could see a veil-like obscurity lift from the hidden essence of art, disappearing at the edge of my vision. Then the ancient storehouse of the truth of Art opened up for me, I gained free entrance, and since then I have had access to spiritual vision and knowledge. This makes me feel like I have found the hidden truth of art, and the excruciating quest for me has come to an end.

All I had known about life and art was revaluated, and that affected my painting as well. The most prominent shift concerned the message. Yesterday, my canvases proclaimed all the evil residing in man, destroying the world, but today I meditate on how wonderful people are and how livable and beautiful the world is. Depressing darkness disappeared from my pictures, the nervous lines writhing in stress calmed down, and the image of immortal Reality was illuminated before me. That image is the basis of my message, and the foundation of my artistic world. A growing love, truth and beauty pervade my paintings, and my message speaks of the eternal values and PRIORITY of GOODNESS. I bring these forward from the depths of the Spirit, depicting them with a picturesqueness worthy of representing these relevant values.



My ultimate aim is to reconstruct the pieces of art, which have been scattered under the cover of individuality, into a perfectly pure and harmonized artistic world, which at the same time overreaches the three dimensions and also composes the reality of further spiritual dimensions.