A Note to David Beeri’s paintings

Author: Dr Ferenc Matits, Art historian, 2015


Beeri is an artist gifted with a special talent. He first began to paint on December 5th, 1975, driven by a strong inner inspiration. Due to his extraordinary progression, he became nationally known by 1979, and has been an exhibiting artist since then. He has had a number of exhibitions in Hungary and several other European countries as well as Israel, the United States, Japan, China and Canada.

David Beeri is a deeply inspired, sovereign artist who began to build a unique world of painting, finding his own individual tools of expression. This task tantamount to a significant adventure was neither easy nor safe. Remember, Beeri experienced the Hungarian version of Communism where artists could only prosper if they were willing to be integrated in the faceless mass of Solcialist art (“Socialist Realism”) like dumb sheep and worshiped communist idols without raising a voice. No wonder we do not find David Beeri among those fearing for their quarry, he rather chose exile which could not be avoided. The artist left his homeland on November 7th, 1987, together with his wife soon expecting their second childs, and their one-year-old daughter.

At the news of the fall of the Communist regime, the family returned from Germany to Hungary where original talents could expect no appreciation still. However, nothing could hinder David Beeri in his creative freedom. After selling a number of paintings at a successful exhibition in Germany, he bought a house and after furnishing it, he continued to build the impressive worlds of his paintings, defended at the cost of great sacrifices. As the years passed, his family grew, and today the artist boasts of eight extremely talented children.

For nearly forty years now, David Beeri has surrendered everything to art and he has created a unique world of pictures. In his pursuit, he has faced the obstacles of huge sacrifices, lack, agony, persecution, crude humiliation and pain, yet his beautiful pictorial world was constructed…

David Beeri’s art is matchless and unreproducible in every respect. His works are made impressively ethereal by a special source of inspiration, unusual spiritualization and a light radiating from within. The beauty and transparent radiance of his colors are created by the secret revelation of EXISTENCE, which makes the paintings reminiscent of a transcendental world.

Dr Ferenc Matits, Art historian (2015)

The second aspect of David Beeri’s world of painting

Sylvester Madonna

 The singular greatness and uniqueness of David Beeri’s talent as a painter is – among other things – due to his many gifts inherited from the world of arts. Let it suffice to mention the realm of music, virtually every part of which lives in his soul. Had he chosen to become a composer, he could have created a new, epoch-making world of music. Had he opted to play the violin or the piano, he could be sought after in the world’s best performance halls. The same goes for his inexpressibly beautiful and grandiose tenor voice, the hearing of which would be quite an event in the world’s greatest opera halls.

Let me not fail to mention the realm of literature and poetry, regarding which I have detected a similar talent in this painter. Even as a young person, whatever David Beeri attempted to do turned out to be a wonder. In his twenties, he was inspired to design clothes, so he learnt dressmaking and he proved to be so creative in making clothes for both men and women that his creations (just like his paintings) could be recognized from afar.

The same applies to a number of things that he would be able to do in a unique and extraordinary way. However, no person blessed with such versatility can do all these things. David Beeri realized this truth in time, and before fragmenting himself, he consciously chose paintings.

Let us not assume, however, that he managed to eradicate his talents from his soul. If we just grow quiet before one of his paintings, within a few moments we will hear a sound as if coming from an invisible depth, gradually joined by other instruments, and by the time we realize it, we will be hearing music dreamt in perfect beauty and harmony soaring in the air. At the same time, while contemplating his works, to our amazement we will find that what we see is none other than most marvellous poetry.

In fact, I dare say that David Beeri’s art comprises one of the purest and fullest realms of paintings in the history of arts.

Dr Ferenc Matits, Art historian (2015)

David Beeri, Radiance