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"David Beeri’s art is matchless and unreproducible in every respect. His works are made impressively ethereal by a special source of inspiration, unusual spiritualization and a light radiating from within. The beauty and transparent radiance of his colors are created by the secret revelation of EXISTENCE, which makes the paintings reminiscent of a transcendental world." /Dr. Ferenc Matits, Art historian/


"I will limit my creative conception to four principal aspects seeking the original, pure source of Art." /David Beeri/


"By freedom I mean the unlimited distance to which my spirit can soar, where my emotions are unshackled by the unwritten rules of individual and societal selfishness, and where I am happy because I can create with my heart."


"It is my fundamental task to achieve the ultimate refinement of my brushwork. I must create visual surfaces where brush traces are virtually invisible to the eye. This will achieve a new type of timeless spiritualization, etherealizing my pictures just like the ones I saw in my dream..."


"Light and color are essential to my art. Both are out of the ordinary, since the light is emanating from within, and the colors appear on my canvas from an existence beyond time. Therefore, the end result seems to be the revelation of a Life beyond the third dimension. This is further enhanced by the metamorphosis-like appearances of light and color transitions..."


"Yesterday, my canvases proclaimed all the evil residing in man, destroying the world, but today I meditate on how wonderful people are and how livable and beautiful the world is. Depressing darkness disappeared from my pictures, the nervous lines writhing in stress calmed down, and the image of immortal Reality was illuminated before me. That image is the basis of my message, and the foundation of my artistic world."


"My final aim is to reconstruct the pieces of art, which have been scattered under the cover of individuality, into a perfectly pure and harmonised artistic world, which at the same time overreaches the three dimensions and composes the reality of further spiritual dimensions."

David Beeri’s Art in 


Art professionals

pages 160-179

London 2017


International Contemporary Masters

pages 16-19

USA 2018


Spotlight – Contemporary Art Magazine

pages 12-13

France 2018


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Newest Paintings

Where the Spirit-Trees dance in freedom, while love is shining on them.


Impressive optimism, and soul-lifting colors.

Triptych from 1979


Don Quixote Series

A man, fighting with his imagined enemies for the imagined lady's favour.


Flowers of emotion and soul.


Faces and eyes, touching our spirit.

Black and White Paintings

Strange creatures emerging from the almost unfollowable imagination of David Beeri, seasoned with adorable humour.


Uniquely painted prints on canvas.

ARTICLES about David Beeri

Since 1975, David Beeri has appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines, books, lexicons, television, and radio shows etc. The interested reader will find a small selection of these here. Click on the pictures.

On the path toward spiritual impressionism


"Matits Ferenc, an art historian has highlighted that David Beeri is a master of synthetizing different styles, and renders the conclusion on the reminiscence of styles powerful in a unique, personal tone..."

His life is also a work of art


"Four sons and four daughters, more than sixty individual exhibitions, several shared exhibitions — this is what we can attribute to the artist during his career of more than a quarter-century..."

Pressure makes diamonds - precious ones


"David Beeri has suffered a lot to become a successful, worldwide known and acknowledged painter and graphic artist..."

Strange, but real world in black&white


"By having a look at any of his works, either Don Quixote or the 20th Century Human Faces, we are staggered to see that these things surround us, without us having paid enough attention to them previously..."

Art studios one after the other


"The eclecticism of his art is not disturbing; moreover, his personal tone kept beside his ability to synthesise provides his works an authentic postmodern value. Unusual inner light irradiates from his paintings..."

"Family Ties", a documentary film about David Beeri


The documentary of Helge Lindau pictures a day of the Beeri family – starting from the gallery and returning to the gallery.

Irradiation of the spiritual light


"The artist has created a unique, new universe of painting... He spiritualizes the physical, visible world, and in order this, in a paradox way, he also needs to use material, physical, nonspiritual tools..."

Colors and eight children


"His tendency in art (which is presumably to be called beerism) is a spiritual painting style. The harmony in his works has to be found and judged by everyone on their own. The artist admits, he feels exceptionally well when he is painting..."

Metamorphosis: Spiritual reflection


“It seemed that I entered into another world spiritually, where an inexpressible and marvellous light emerged from heaven which gave rebirth to hills and valleys to become immortal and irradiate the infinite fame of creation for eternity. Long minutes passed before I returned to my common world. My first thought was that I wanted this picture, I could not exist without it anymore…”

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